On the edge of something new….

31 12 2010

Well, here I am.
Novice blogger.
A new challenge.
This coming year, 2011, the year of the Bible.
I shall blog my way through (and probably blag my way through) reading the Bible in a year.
Anyone else up for the challenge ?

Here’s the BIBLEFRESH prayer for the New Year :





Father God,
we thank you for the year ahead – a gift to us – full of promise.

This year, we want to know You more intimately,
follow You more faithfully,
share You more passionately,
and worship You more deeply.

As we celebrate Your Word, we pledge
– to read the Bible, together and alone
– to be trained by the wisdom of others
– to give Your Word to those without
– and to experience Your Scriptures in new and creative ways.

Holy Spirit, speak through the Word to us, so that it might
be a lamp to our feet and a light to our path;
cleanse our minds and burn with fire in our hearts;
satisfy our needs, as our daily bread
and be as sweet as honey on our lips.

As Your words become our words,
may our lives reflect the Living Word more clearly,
and our love for the Word-made-flesh become stronger.
For we ask this in the precious name of our Saviour,
Jesus Christ,