The Word, The Light, The Life…JESUS!

7 05 2011

DAY ONE HUNDRED AND NINETEEN : Joshua 15 v. 1 – 16 v. 10; John 1 v. 1 – 28; Psalm 53 v. 1 – 6

Allotment for Judah – the extent of, and boundaries (even boundary stones) for the land Judah inherits is described in full. Within the land for Judah, Hebron is given to Caleb. Caleb drove out the three Anakites (Sheshai, Ahiman and Talmai), and marched against the people of Debir. Caleb gives his daughter in marriage to Othniel, for his bravery in capturing the town of Kiriath Sepher.

Oh joy – there’s a donkey in this chapter 15 of Joshua – and a story of Caleb’s daughter asking Othniel and then Caleb himself for a field, or for ‘a special favour….give me also springs of water’ and Caleb grants her the upper and lower springs.

Each clan of the tribe of Judah is carefully ‘placed’ within the inheritance of the promised land, across the 29 towns and villages in the south, 39 in the west (plus Ekron, Ashdod and their villages), 38 in the hill country and 6 in the desert.

However, in Jerusalem (land lying between Judah and Benjamin tribes) , the Jebusites could not be dislodged, and were still present at the time of writing the book of Joshua.

Allotment for Ephraim and Manasseh – Joseph’s tribes have been split between Ephraim and Manasseh, and the territory of Ephraim (west of the Jordan) is outlined (Ephraim was also given some cities from the neighbouring half-tribe of Manasseh).
The Canaanites in Gezer were also not dislodged and remained as slaves / forced labour for the Israelites.


We begin the final of the four gospels, and this gospel feels very different to the others…it begins with a very theological and poetic understanding of who Jesus is….the living Word of God…God’s creative Word given flesh and blood, and a voice and message to change the world…
It is the book of the New Creation (cp. ‘In the beginning’ Genesis 1v.1 / John 1v.1).

The Word Became Flesh –
God’s Word has always been there – powerful and creative – right from the very beginning.
That Word is God’s, and that Word is God.
The Word was instrumental in creating all things – nothing was created without Him.
This Word was LIFE – giving LIGHT to all.

LIGHT was made to drive out the darkness, not the other way round. Darkness will never overwhelm the light.

In these days, God sent John – to speak of this Light of Life.
He, himself, was not The Light – but he spoke so well of The Light, that many believed through him.
The one and only Light – who enlightens every life – was on His way to being revealed to the world.

The Light was here, in the world.
Although everything was created through Him, not everything or everyone really ‘saw the Light’.
He went around unrecognised.
Even those who claimed to live in God-Light, didn’t notice It in Him.

BUT, those who did ‘see the Light’, who did notice It in Him, who saw and believed in Him,
become Children of God,
God’s newly-borns…completely His…new creation.

The Word was given flesh and blood, embodied.
The Word lived amongst His created.
We have seen Him, glorious God on earth, Father-sent,

John speaks the truth about Him – introduces Him to the world :
‘The One I’m talking about is coming –
although He’s coming after me, He is greater than me, for He existed before me.’

Grace-filled, He comes to bless and bless and bless again.
Moses is known as the Law-Giver.
JESUS CHRIST will be known as the Grace-Giver, the Truth-Teller.

Okay, no-one has ever seen God,
but that same God has revealed to us His One and Only –
we have now seen the One who has always been alongside the Father.

John the Baptist Denies Being the Christ – so, John is first on the scene, and he is creating a stir around the waters of the Jordan (at Bethany), such that the Jerusalem Jews send priests and Levites to check him out. John holds nothing back, but firmly tells them He is not the Christ-Messiah.
He says he is neither Elijah (popular belief said Elijah would return before the Messiah came) nor the Prophet (believed to link to Deut. 18 v. 15/18, where God promises to send a ‘Prophet like Moses’), but that he is the one to fulfil the Isaiah prophecy:
‘I am the voice crying, ‘Make way for the Lord, straighten the path.’ (Isaiah 40 v. 3)
The Pharisees quiz him about his baptism – what is it, if he is not the Messiah, Elijah or the Prophet ?
‘I baptize with water, but among you stands one you do not know…the thongs of whose sandals I am not worthy to untie.’

“The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.”
God looks down from heaven…to see if there are any…who seek God.
O that salvation for Israel would come out of Zion…let Jacob rejoice and Israel be glad!”




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