About Me

I am a Methodist Minister in Leyland, Lancashire, married with two children. I am excited about this Biblefresh Year, and this blog is a way of sharing how God speaks through His Word.

I love creating…..songs, poems, stories…
I love walking, theatre trips, cinema.
I love food (cooking it and eating it).


9 responses

6 01 2011
anne baker

Hi phil, first opportunity to read your blog but look forward to a daily sign in now to follow you in your journey through Bible in a year. Pray that you continue to share your creativity with us at LMC but also now with ‘bloggers world’. God Bless you richly. Anne

6 01 2011

Thanks, Anne, glad to have you on-board.
Praying God’s richest blessings on you all for 2011 !
This will be a very special year, soaking in God’s word…..

8 01 2011
richard cook

Hi Phil , just read the blog and have signed up. the part where the words of ( breath on me breath of god ) is one of our hyms we have selected for our forthcoming marriage celebration and reading that part has uplifted us both to face the day ahead , my niece is coming from leeds today for a fitting of her bridesmaid dress.

8 01 2011

A new beginning in every way…… you learn more and more. thanks for the opportunity. Looking forward to reading the bible and taking in new meaning. judy

18 01 2011
Ruth Whiteside

Hi Phil ,just started to join in by reading your blog, enjoying , ruthwsharing the bible and blown away by the thought of people perhaps all reading together throughout our land and maybe throughout the world who knows where this will end EXCITING! God bless you and yours

18 01 2011

Thanks Ruth, welcome along !
Good fun sharing in reading the Bible together.
There’s such a lot to learn.
May God richly bless our reading together of His word.

25 10 2011
Allan Warren

Hi. I’m a minister and would like to use your picture of Moses blesses Joshua on Sunday morning worship (Oct. 30th/11) when talking about Moses entering the promised land. Is it copy righted?

29 10 2011

Hi Allan.
I’ve tried to use only images which are in the public domain which don’t have any copyright details attached to them (risky, I know).
I would say I’m sure it’s fine to use.
Otherwise, google Moses and Joshua images and see if you can trace its origins further.
Praying you have a great weekend.
God bless you, and your church !

20 04 2013
Jeanne Jacobson

Hi Phil,
I’m an Episcopal priest in Pennsylvania and just stumbled across your blog because of an image link of Jesus as Good Shepherd, which you used in your June 1, 2011 post. Read some of your other posts and decided I would very much like to be in touch…..and, by the way, do you know the artist of the shepherd image. I would like to purchase a print. Thanks and God bless!

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