A page dedicated to the prayers, poems, songs, reflections created as a result of reading the Bible in a year.
1st Jan :
GOD, Your words speak creation into being.

GOD, Your words name and give purpose to all You create
GOD, Your words show how, before anything was, You have always been.
GOD, Your words show how You delight in Your creation.
GOD, Your words reveal the Breath-Spirit behind life itself,
and that to be full of LIFE, we must let Your Word take root in us,
and Your Spirit-Breath fill us, over and over again.
GOD, You are awesome, wonderful, amazing, mind-blowing, glorious,
and You are here.
Immanuel, God with us.
2nd Jan :
Robbie Williams wrote
“I sit and talk to God….and He just laughs at my plans”.
In Psalm 2, God, from the vantage point of heaven’s throne, scoffs at the folly of the world’s leaders, their plotting and scheming;
but “Blessed are all who take refuge in Him.”
GOD, Your Covenant promise is that “You are my Son. Today I’ve become your Father” (Ps 2v7).
May I not hide from You, but run to You.
May I not lie to You, but bring my darkness into Your light.
May I not fear Your reaction to my honesty, but crave the robe of righteousness You offer.
May I know Your love, Your calling me by name, Your purpose in me.
May I trust Your Word,
trust You,
3rd Jan:
“I am no longer my own, but Yours, Lord….”
Not my will, but Yours – walking and talking with God
Not my way, but Yours – my footsteps planted in the Master’s
And if, today, I glimpse a dove,
remind me of Your perfect love,
the promise of new life, a new world,
and the beauty of my baptism – another life renewed
mine yielded to Yours,
a divine exchange.
In the free-flying path of the dove, may I perceive again Your word, O Lord:
“You are my beloved – I delight in you”.
Water to my thirsty soul.
Water of life.
4th Jan :
“I freely and wholeheartedly yield all things to your pleasure and disposal” (Methodist Covenant Prayer)
Covenant-God, rainbow-remembering Creator,
I raise an altar of worship
a yielded life, offered up to You.
Attune my ears to Your call today,
that I may hear, and immediately follow,
gaining wisdom and understanding as I go,
with a singular focus on honouring You.
And, adding to the words of a song I wrote, many years ago now, “Call Me”:
Call me, as You called Noah,
an enormous boat to build;
Call me, as You called his family,
to trust, as the boat was filled.

Call me, as You called Moses,

with the power of the burning bush;
Call me, as You called Samuel,
in the night-time’s gentle hush.
As You called Your first disciples
in their boats on Galilee –
see me standing here before You, saying
“Here I am, send me”.
5th Jan:
“Put me to what You will, rank me with whom You will.
Put me doing, put me to suffering.
Employed for You, or laid aside for You.
Exalted for You, or brought low for You.”
(Methodist Covenant Prayer)

The Psalmist writes:
“Let the light of Your face shine upon us, O Lord.
You have filled my heart with greater joy
than when their grain and new wine abound.
I will lie down and sleep in peace,
for You alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.”
O Lord, my Lord,
guard my motivations,
that I may seek today,
not my renown, but Yours,
not my reward, but Yours,
not my favour, but Yours.
May I know Your blessings,
in my frailty and want;
and may I trample on no-one,
not wanting to improve my lot, my standing,
at the expense of others.
And may I lie down this night,
in the light of Your presence,
the joy of Your peace,
and in Your eternal safe-keeping.
7th Jan:

image from Metropolitan Tabernacle, Belfast (

Our Youth Pastor, Matt, penned a brilliant song last summer, entitled “An audience of One”. It spoke of the need for us to recognise that our real identity comes, not in seeking recognition from others, but from finding ourselves in God, discovering who He has created us to be, and living our lives in His presence, in His sight.

I wrote a similar song (for an all-age setting, our Holiday Bible Club), and the words seem to sum up a lot from this first week of blogging “Through The Bible In A Year”.

From the dawn of creation
Through stories of battles with giants
From Daniel who fled from the lions
To God’s awesome main act – Jesus Christ !

God weaves all humanity’s history
With bravery, faith and great love
Till all of us see that this drama’s for real
And we act out our lives
To an audience of one

Our Father in heaven above…..

And we will dance, dance, dance for the King of Kings
And we will sing, sing, sing His praise
And we will tell the world as the drama unfolds
Jesus is Saviour for all
Jesus is Saviour for all.

8th Jan:

– do to others as you would have them do to you……
treat others as you would like to be treated
speak to others in a way you’d like others to speak to you
value others in the way you’d like others to value you
listen to others, as you would like people to listen to you
honour others, as you would like to be honoured
be honest with others, as you would like others to be honest with you
delight in what others are experiencing of God, as you would like others to share in your experiences
console others, as you would like to be consoled
love others, as you would like others to love you….
(doesn’t mean they WILL do, but you will have done your part, and remember from yesterday, even if no-one seems to be watching, God’s eye is on you, His reward is on its way)

Jan 9th:

God of love, You see the depths to which we sink,
the folly and stupidity,
the cruelty and pain,
and yet, Your call remains to “follow You”
the possibility that we could start again.

God of grace, You see the challenges we face,
the ‘homeless’ Son of Man still leads us on,
healing all our sickness,
carrying every disease
until our hopes, our prayers, our lives are One.

Jan 10th:
Today, I’m learning that Jesus (God’s chosen Lamb), comes to
restore peace for the planet (wind and waves)
restore peace for people (casting out evil)
restore peace for those crippled with guilt (your sins are forgiven)
restore peace for the sick, the de-valued, the dishonoured (I have come for the sick, sinners)
and that the true Sacrifice Himself,
is more interested in seeing ‘mercy’ in us, than ‘sacrifice’.

Ultimately, that God will provide (and has already done so)….all that He asks or requires of us.

Jan 13th :

I once reacted to a picture I saw of Jacob’s dream, where the stairway to heaven looked like a very, very long rope ladder…..I knew, then, that if my entry to heaven depended upon my ability to climb such a ladder, I’d never make it….and I wrote these words :

Forgive me, Lord, I don’t like heights
They make me turn to jelly
And all those angels floating ’round
Give me a funny belly

The ladder looks so flimsy, Lord,
And it’s very, very high
You’d never catch me on it,
I think I’d rather die.

I know I’m getting cheeky, Lord,
I hate to make a fuss
But instead of climbing up to You,
Could You come down to us ?

Jan 14th:

I yoke myself to You, today,
please take the stress and strain
I yoke myself to You, today,
your strength and direction I gain
I yoke myself to You, today,
my every step You guard
I yoke myself to You, this day,
grant rest, when life gets hard.

Jan. 15th :

Grant me, Lord, a holy awe,
a trembling before You,
the ‘Fear of Isaac’ grip my life,
and shape all that I do.

Grant me, Lord, life free from fear,
kept safe in Your perfect love;
a faith-filled life which honours You,
touched with holiness from above.

Jan 16th :

Nights of wrestling, a gripping fear of what’s next
a limping faith betraying the struggle,
but there’s an exuberant embrace
awaiting the life which seeks God,
desiring to store up His good,
and allowing the Spirit to do His work;
Lord, keep me ‘with you’ not ‘apart from you’;
‘for you’ not ‘against you’;
‘gathering’ not ‘scattering’,
today and forever.

Jan 17th :


Lord, give me ears to hear,
and eyes to see
the wonders of Your love today.

Lord, give me a mind to explore
and a heart to yearn
for more of You, and of Your kingdom today.

Lord, give me a voice to proclaim
and a life to promote
more of You, Your purposes and Your plan.

God – Father, Son and Spirit,
inhabit me,
and create holy habits
which reveal You to others,
today and always.

Jan 18th :

Father God, clear the ground in my life,
that I may be fertile soil for Your word,
yielding much fruit for You.

Clear the path,
attack the weeds and thorns,
and keep the evil one from his destructive work.

For elsewhere Jesus calls, You,Father, the Gardener.
Do Your pruning work in me, today.
For Your glory.

Jan 19th :

O Lord, let us shine like the sun in your Kingdom on earth
O Lord, let us seek after truth, justice, mercy, love, purity, joy, the priceless qualities of Your kingdom
O Lord, help us, in our own way, to bring freedom and release from slavery, from injustice to those who are mistreated
O Lord, continue to judge good and evil
today and every day, until your kingdom is complete.

Jan 20th




Jan. 21st

Fix my eyes onto You,
my author and perfector;
Fix my eyes onto You,
my great protector;
not looking left, not looking right,
unafraid to fight the fight,
Fix my eyes onto You,
King of kings (Lord of lords).
There are times when faith is high,
when I could touch the sky
and I could walk on water with You, Lord;
and there are times when faith is low,
and I don’t know where I should go,
I sink beneath the waters, crying out to You :
Fix my eyes onto You……


Jan 23rd :
They are happy tears
the tears that roll down my cheeks
at the sight of family reunions
long lost relatives reconnected.

They are happy tears
the tears that roll down my cheeks
as the penny drops, it hits home
and all is revealed, laid bare.

They are happy tears
the tears that roll down my cheeks
as Jesus becomes known as Christ,
Messiah, Redeemer, Saviour, Friend

They are happy tears
the tears that roll down my cheeks
face to face with a God who
calls and attracts one life at a time
one family at a time,
one community at a time.

They are happy tears
the tears that roll down my face,
as  I realise, like Joseph did,
that God is in charge
wherever we are, whatever we face.
And a brighter day is coming….

Jan 24th :

Life-long learning
Yielding to You
Learning to let go
Taking up the cross
Knowing Your blessing
Falling face down
Exchanging self-made ambition
For a God-given crown.

Learning to lean on Your, Lord
Learning to trust
Learning to receive
Learning to LIVE.

Help me to learn from You today
Help me to learn to be like You
Help me to take up the cross today
And to walk Your way.

Jan 25th :

All this talk of holiness, holy living, today, reminds me of the words of a song I wrote a few years ago, for a talk at Summer Fire (Southport Methodist Holiness Convention).

There’s a fire that burns within me
Holy fire from God’s own heart
There’s a flame of pure desire
That He alone to me imparts.


Holy, holy is the Lord of Lords
Be holy as I am holy
Be holy as I am holy
Be holy as I am holy says the Lord.

Still the flame is burning brightly
Blazing strong to purge the soul
Holy fire, inflame my darkness
Make this broken spirit whole

Holy God, Father of glory
Cleanse my heart and make it true
Hear my cry all the more, Lord
As I give my all to You.
Jan 26th :


When I am weak, Lord, it’s then You are strong
You give me the courage I need to move on
The strength You supply and the power You prove
Help me build up my life on the Rock what won’t move.

Jan 28th :



Kindle Your fire in my soul
Help me live a life that’s whole
Let me reach that final goal in this hour
Heal my fractured life of pain
Help me feel alive again
Climb aboard the Kingdom-train by Your power.

Jan 29th
Thank You, Almighty God,
for calling me.
Hear my cry for Your help,
for Your wisdom,
for Your direction,
that I may be ’employed for you’ in Your Vineyard,
or ‘laid aside for you’
as You continue to shape and perfect Your work in me.
And that I may know the shelter of Your protection
in the heat of the battle.

Jan 31st

“My Lord, my God – how I love You
 I adore You for the strength I find in You.
 Oh Lord, You are my solid rock, my safe defence, my true rescuer.
 Oh God, You are my mountain-rock, I run to You for cover.
 You are my protecting shield, my strong deliverer, my safe stronghold.
 How worthy You are to be praised
 I cry out to You
 and You rescue me over and over again.”

Feb 1st

As we journey into our second month of reading
The Bible In A Year,
I thank God for this Year of the Bible,
for the passion for God’s Word which we see growing
in the people around us;
for the opportunities to talk of God’s Word at home,
in schools, in workplaces, in the community;
for the power of God’s Word for our lives,
transforming and renewing us daily.

  Prayers especially today for the more than 1 million people
expected to protest in Cairo, for democracy to bring a new
freedom to the people of Egypt.
I’m fascinated by this focus on Egypt at a time in our readings
when we’ve left Joseph and family there (end of Genesis) and
anticipate Moses bringing freedom to God’s people (Exodus).




 Feb 5th :
A lightening strike reveals Your power
A thunder clap Your might
Your wisdom guides me through my days
Protects me through the night.
I look for You, You’re coming soon
The signs point to an end time
Until that day, firm I remain,
‘I am Yours and You are mine’



Feb. 11th

Lord, soften Pharaoh’s heart (even President Mubarak, today).

Like Pharaoh, do I try to do a bargain with God, insincere in my true motives and commitment ?
Like Peter, do I pledge unfailing allegiance in one moment and then deny being His either by word or by action ?
Like Judas, do I hang myself to readily (so to speak) on a rope of my own guilt and unforgiveness ?
Like David, do I look to God alone for my protection, for the desires of my heart, for my trust and dependance ?

Feb 12th :


Unleavened bread
An unblemished lamb
Bitter herbs and hyssop
Lamb roasted and eaten
Passover night, the doorframes are daubed
The blood of the lamb
for our freedom….

A crown of thorns
The Blood of the Lamb
Nails driven through flesh
The Blood of the Lamb
Body wracked with pain, crucified Lord
The Blood of the Lamb

for our freedom….
13th Feb


In that moment
the sky turned black
the deepest darkness the world had ever known
a darkness which seemed to overcome
enveloping and centred around the crucified Lord
this darkness was the sum total
of all the darkness of all the ages
and it seemed to point itself to this cross on this hill.
It appeared the light of the world was to be ultimately
blown out.

  In that moment the temple curtain ripped in two
the holiest place could be seen by all
a taboo shattered, a unfettering
a freeing of the very God whose word created
and whose dying breath had exposed the Holy of Holies.
Freedom at a price – a tearing, a breaking, a bleeding
God in dying is made more available to us.

In that moment, the whole earth shook
and splintered rocks
the death of the creator, and all creation shuddered
like a quake to rock the foundations of every heart and home
mighty boulders fractured, nothing unaffected, untroubled
by the catastrophic, cosmic final breath.

And in that moment,
a mother cried.
One sobbing, broken heart,
another life is broken.
In that moment, the pain of separation
and the cruelty of such a death.
Too much for any mother to plainly bear.
A whisper from her trembling lips,
and an echo in our hearts,
“Jesus, my Son,
why must You die?”

19th Feb:

To the troubled waters – Peace, be still
To the tortured mind – Peace, be still
To the gathered community – Peace, be still
To the lone walker – Peace, be still
To our fears and distresses – Peace, be still
To all creation – Peace, be still

20th Feb:

Twelve sons of Israel
Twelve years of bleeding, healed
Twelve year old daughter, revived
Count to twelve…….
God is always blessing His people,
healing and reviving.
Lord, bless, heal and revive us today.


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